Rev. Remigius DeRyckere : First Helena Diocesan Priest 1866—1916
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Remigius DeRyckere, pastor of Deer Lodge, wrote Fr. Giorda, SJ in Helena about his 150 mile ministerial journey February 15—17, 1873 to the Big Hole valley. As the letter indicates he had previously discussed the mission with Giorda and now was reporting to him. The baptismal information is recorded in the register of the Sacred Hearts Church in Helena. He baptized Browne at Browne's Bridge, Cameron on the Big Hole River, Van Leeuven children at Moose Creek, and Forrest children at Divide Creek.
He admits he is lonesome and envious of Giorda who lived in community with several Jesuits.
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DeRyckere to Giorda, 1873DeRyckere to Giorda, 1873
DeRyckere to Giorda 1873  -p. 2,3DeRyckere to Giorda 1873 -p. 2,3