Bishop Joseph M. Gilmore : First Native Bishop of Helena
Shortly after his consecration as bishop, Bishop Gilmore traveled around the diocese visiting various schools, churches, missions, and organization headquarters. This large folder contains an address by the Boys' Central student body in Butte, Montana to the newly consecrated Bishop Gilmore upon his first official visit to the school, which was run by the Irish Christian Brothers. Upon the cover, written in gold letters, is Bishop Gilmore's motto, "Quaerite Regnum Dei" (See you the Kingdom of God), and written in the lower right—hand corner is, "Most Reverend Joseph Michael Gilmore, D.D." Within the address are many references to Bishop Gilmore's status as a native to Montana (a person raised here). The appointment and ordination of native Montanans was a very important aspect of his ministry. Being from Montana himself, Bishop Gilmore was often seen as s bishop of the people. He was a leader chosen from among his people, and the address reflects this: "You do not come to us a stranger on the recommendation of others. You come from amongst ourselves . . ."
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Cover of the Boys' Central Tribute to Bishop GilmoreCover of the Boys' Central Tribute to Bishop Gilmore
Inside of Boys' Central Tribute to Bp GilmoreInside of Boys' Central Tribute to Bp Gilmore