Bishop Joseph M. Gilmore : First Native Bishop of Helena
Bishop Gilmore and a classmate explore Roman ruins. On the back, Bishop Gilmore wrote, "Photo taken August 24, 1913. My companion is a fellow American, Tom Kirby of Buffalo, NY, also a classmate. The background is most historic, being a part of the famous villa of the old Roman Emperor, Domitian. Our villa is built over these extensive ruins." It is signed J.M.G. In the photograph, Bishop Gilmore stands to the right of his friend, Tom. While living at Propaganda College, Bishop Gilmore earned his degree, "Doctor of Sacred Theology," from the Pontifical Urban University in 1915. This led to many of his close friends calling him "Doc." Because of his young age (22), special dispensation from the pope was required for ordination to the priesthood. This was given by Pope Benedict XV, and on 25 July 1915 Bishop Gilmore was ordained a priest by Cardinal Pompili at the Basilica of St. John Lateran in Rome.
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Gilmore at early Roman ruinsGilmore at early Roman ruins
Gilmore at early Roman ruinsGilmore at early Roman ruins