Bishop Joseph M. Gilmore : First Native Bishop of Helena
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Two volumes of breviary that belonged to Bishop Gilmore. These books contain prayers for major feast days, specific prayers for each day, and daily hymns. Though he had the title of "bishop," Bishop Gilmore was also a priest. And as a priest, Bishop Gilmore was required to pray the breviary daily. The first (a) is Autumnalis (months September through the 3rd of December) and the second (b) is Aestiva (May through August). The breviary in the between months (December through April) is missing at this time. Mixed within the pages of both breviaries are small cards with names of friends, as well as cards dedicated to saints, marking different pages and prayers. These breviaries bear Bishop Gilmore's initials ("J.M.G.") in gilt lettering on the lower right corner of the front cover page, with "Helena" just below. They are both made of red leather with reinforced binding, and have Bishop Gilmore's address written on the inside cover of both. These two berviaries show the side of Bishop Gilmore most people saw: the spiritual leader of his flock.
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Outside Cover of Bp Gilmore's BreviaryOutside Cover of Bp Gilmore's Breviary
Inside Cover of Bp Gilmore's Autumnalis BreviaryInside Cover of Bp Gilmore's Autumnalis Breviary
Inside Cover of Bp Gilmore's Aestiva BreviaryInside Cover of Bp Gilmore's Aestiva Breviary