Bishop Joseph M. Gilmore : First Native Bishop of Helena
Not all matters considered by Bishop Gilmore were purely spiritual. He often met with leaders in the community to decide on where to construct a new building, or how best to allocate funds for the care of the homeless and orphans. In this photo Bishop Gilmore addreses the Carroll College Building Fund group on 7 October, 1955. The Bishop's Building Fund assisted Bishop Gilmore in the development of Carroll College. On the podium from which he is speaking, a poster is asking the people of the Diocese for financial support. The two buildings portrayed on the poster are Borromeo Hall (above) and the library/science building, later to become Simperman Hall (below). Both were additions to Carroll College. Upon completion, Borromeo Hall became a seminarian building, and to this day houses a number of priests. The original structure of the library/science building is still visible, although additions have since been made.
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Bp Gilmore addresses members of the Building FundBp Gilmore addresses members of the Building Fund