Preserving Montana's Catholic Heritage : Helena Diocesan Structures and Historic Preservation
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St. Matthew's Catholic Church, in the West Side Historic District of Kalispell was placed on the National Historic Preservation list in 1993.

The first Catholic parish was established in Kalispell in 1894 with Fr. H.J. Van de Ven as pastor. The original St. Matthew's Church built in 1895 served for 15 years. Father Francis X. O'Farrell, fifth pastor of St. Matthew's who served the parish until 1950, launched the effort to construct a new church in 1909. Bishop Carroll laid the cornerstone in June, 1910.

The walls of the church are made of light brick from Hebron, North Dakota. The stone trimmings are made of Great Falls sandstone; the minarets and cornices of terra cotta. Some windows have leaded glass.

This soaring Gothic Revival church is a primary component of the West Side Historic District.
Gothic Revival features include the pointed arches over the windows, the parapeted roof and towers, the narrow wall dormers extending through the cornice lines, and the general emphasis on the vertical.

The church with its tall spires and distinctive architecture is still used by the St. Matthews parish. The architect was George Shanley, originally from Kalispell.
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St. Matthew's Church, Kalispell, MTSt. Matthew's Church, Kalispell, MT
St. Matthew's church, Kalispell, interiorSt. Matthew's church, Kalispell, interior