Preserving Montana's Catholic Heritage : Helena Diocesan Structures and Historic Preservation
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House of the Good Shepherd Historic District lies at the corner of North Hoback and 9th Avenue in Helena. Comprised of four primary buildings built between 1888 and 1895, In 1889 the Good Shepherd Sisters arrived in Helena from St. Paul, MN at the invitation of Bishop Brondel to care for girls with various problems.

As Helena grew rapidly in the 1880s, St. Helena's Church was built on 9th and Hoback to help ease the overcrowding in the Cathedral of the Sacred Hearts. It was dedicated in 1891, and because most of the residents in this area of town were of German descent, and since Fr. Follet was fluent in both English and German, he took charge of this church on Easter Sunday, 1889. He was also entrusted with the care of the Good Shepherd in 1889.

The convent, built in 1888, faces the north and east and is a brick residence with Second Empire influences.

The dormitory wood frame building was constructed in 1890, but because of the large number of girls who requested entrance additions were made in 1892, 1894, 1896, and 1903 After the Good Shepherd moved to its new location on the west end of Helena in 1909, the building was used for furniture storage. Today a resident artist has restored some of the original integrity of the building.

The chapel is a one—and—a—half story Gothic Revival building and was adjoined to the northwest corner of the convent in 1895. The outside has deteriorated because it has been used for storage since Good Shepherd relocated. Most of the stained glass windows on the sides have been broken and are filled with plywood.

Bishop Carroll closed St. Helena Church in 1914 as he dedicated the new St. Helena Cathedral. The 7th Day Adventists acquired the church and built a sanctuary across the front. Currently it is Holy Cross traditional Catholic Church, and not associated with the Diocese of Helena. The original chandeliers continue to illuminate the interior.

The Good Shepherd Historic District was approved for inclusion in the National Historic Preservation area in 1993.
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Good Shepherd Convent & ChapelGood Shepherd Convent & Chapel
Good Shepherd Girls DormitoryGood Shepherd Girls Dormitory
St. Helena Church, Helena, MT.St. Helena Church, Helena, MT.