Preserving Montana's Catholic Heritage : Helena Diocesan Structures and Historic Preservation
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St. John Church, Frenchtown, Montana
The parish in Frenchtown is the second oldest parish for whites in Montana. In 1884 Fr. Tremblay, the first diocesan pastor, began building a larger church to replace a log chapel previously erected by Jesuits Fr. Grassi and Menetrey in 1864. The new building made almost entirely of wood, contains a graceful spiral staircase to the choir loft. Although the original church was named St. Louis, Fr. Tremblay changed it to St. John, possibly in honor of Bishop John Baptiste Brondel. The parish traditionally has annually observed St. John Day.

St. John the Baptist Church was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1986.

Note the stove pipes and pot—bellied stove centered in the 1897 interior view of St. John Church.

The 1886 document, pictured to the left, granted altar privileges to the Frenchtown church.

Finally, the circular staircase accesses the choir loft.
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St. John's Church, FrenchtownSt. John's Church, Frenchtown
St. John's Frenchtown, interior 1897St. John's Frenchtown, interior 1897
St. John's Frenchtown Altar PrivilegesSt. John's Frenchtown Altar Privileges
St. John's Frenchtown spiral staircaseSt. John's Frenchtown spiral staircase