Preserving Montana's Catholic Heritage : Helena Diocesan Structures and Historic Preservation
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St. Mary's Mission, Stevensville, Montana
Listed in the National and State Register of Historic Places, St. Mary's Mission is a cultural and historical icon of early Montana days.

It was established by Jesuit Father DeSmet in 1841 among the Salish peoples. Second to Father DeSmet in the establishment of the mission was Jesuit Father Anthony Ravalli, a priest—doctor of early Montana, who arrived in 1845. His infirmary, a little building near the original church, was the state's first drug store from which he compounded medicines to treat both Red and White. Fr. Ravalli lived and died in 1884 at St. Mary's and is buried in the cemetery.

In 1921 St. Mary's became a parish of the Diocese of Helena, which celebrated its centennial in August 1941.

In 1970 the Mission was assigned to the National Register of Historic Places.
The St. Mary's Mission Historic District Boundary Increase was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2010. This expands the area to include the new church built in 1954.

To care for the mission, the Historic St. Mary's Mission, Inc., a non—profit organization, was established solely for the purpose of its preservation and education. Restoration and maintenance of historic buildings are funded by donations.
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St. Mary's MIssion, StevensvilleSt. Mary's MIssion, Stevensville
St. Mary's Mission Centennial, 1941St. Mary's Mission Centennial, 1941