Preserving Montana's Catholic Heritage : Helena Diocesan Structures and Historic Preservation
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St. Francis Xavier Church has stood as an architectural and religious landmark in the Missoula community since its construction in 1892 when it replaced a small frame church built in 1881.

For nearly 120 years its polygonal tent roof spire easily rises above surrounding structures and trees becoming a familiar landmark on the city skyline.

It is an excellent example of Classical Revival construction exhibiting fine craftsmanship expressed through its good physical condition and integrity. Bishop Brondel laid the cornerstone in 1891

Time and again visitors have been pleased to call it an artistic jewel. It contains murals by Brother J. Carignano which serve many purposes: a pictorial study of scripture stories, a portrayal of all the symbols of the liturgy, and an inspiration to imitate the lives of the saints and to follow the example of Jesus. Brother Carignano also painted the murals on the St. Ignatius Mission church.

Father Lawrence B. Palladino, noted author on Indian—white relations in the Catholic Church in Montana, served as pastor for many years at St. Francis Xavier Church, as well as the Cathedral of the Sacred Hearts in Helena. The bell in the steeple is dedicated to Palladino
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St. Francis Xavier, Missoula - rectory, convent, Sacred Heart Academy, 1941St. Francis Xavier, Missoula - rectory, convent, Sacred Heart Academy, 1941
St. Francis Xavier, Missoula, interiorSt. Francis Xavier, Missoula, interior