The Cathedral of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, 1866—1925 : The "Old" Cathedral
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Ordinations to Major Orders and Book of Memorials. Hand written in Latin. Three pages have been cut out, possibly those listing ordinations. Remaining pages record three messages:

"Most Reverend Fr. O'Gorman, Bishop of Nebraska gave the following faculties to P. i. L[eopold]. Van Gorp, 17 March 1873.
1. To dispense from the precept of not working on Sunday for miners when there is reasonable cause.
2. The holydays of obligation in this diocese are 5; namely, 1—Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ,
2— The ascension of our lord Jesus Christ, 3— the Assumption of the BVM, 4— Feast of All Saints, 5— Immaculate Conception of the BVM.

3. To dispense from the precept of abstinence from meat for all Catholics in Montana, as the pastor shall judge convenient if there is difficulty in this matter. If he(pastor) shall judge it appropriate, he may give a general and a public dispensation to all.

4. The same applies to young people in the diocese.

5. Those who live at a distance from the church may contract marriage before a magistrate, or they may make solemn promises before witnesses and then when a priest is available, be joined in matrimony.

6. It is not necessary in the region of Montana to establish an eccelesiastical law concerning the proclamation of the banns for those who are to be married.
L. Van Gorp, SJ Helena, May 28, 1873.

Rev. Father Vitalis Grandin, OMI, bishop of St. Albert [Canada], in a letter to me dated 11 July 1872, authorized me to perform the sacred ministries in the diocese of St. Albert as approved by my superiors in the Society of Jesus.
C. Imoda, SJ

Erection of Stations of Cross
The pious exercises of the Way of the Cross, are hereby erected in the new church of the SS Hearts of Jesus & Mary in Helena, Montana. I the undersigned by the faculties given to me in this document.

Lawrence B. Palladino,
Custodian (Rector)
Jan 18, 1878 [The Church was dedicated 09 April 1876.]

Loose papers include:
Regulations for Lent, 1870,1877,1879, 1880.
Conditions for receiving indulgences in the 1875 Jubilee Year.
Constitution of the Sacred Hearts Church Aid Society, organized June 1, 1878, Helena.
Cover memo to Fr. Palladino requesting Annual Report, 1879.
Extention of Jubilee Indulgences through June 1, 1879.
A call for a yearly collection for education of students for ministry. No date, only 18__.
Circular letter, Bishop O'Connor, Rogation Days.
1880 memo (in Latin) about marriage dispensations.
Handwritten letter (1881) by A.M. Colaneri, Secretary to Bishop with rules for Holy Oils.
3 Annual reports for SS Hearts Church, Helena for Nov. 1878 — Nov.1882. The annual report 1878—1879 was sent to the bishop —either in Omaha or Oregon City [Portland].
There were four Jesuit priests from Helena who served Catholics in Marysville, Belmont, Silver City, Boulder City, Bozeman, Radersburg, Missouri Valley, White Sulphur Spring, and Jefferson—Wickes—Gregory mines. There were 19 Sisters of Charity working in Helena as teachers and nurses.

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Vicariate Nebraska Circular Letter, 1876Vicariate Nebraska Circular Letter, 1876
Sacred Hearts Church Memorial BookSacred Hearts Church Memorial Book
Omaha Vicariate Holy Oils LetterOmaha Vicariate Holy Oils Letter
1878-1879 annual report from Sacred Hearts Church1878-1879 annual report from Sacred Hearts Church