The Cathedral of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, 1866—1925 : The "Old" Cathedral
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2002.004.062 Minute book of the Building Committee of the Roman Catholic Church, Helena, M[ontana] T[erritory]. Aug. 1874 — Dec. 1875.
The members included Frs. Palladino, Imoda; Messrs. LeCroix, Sweeny, Walker, DeLay, Hilger. They were charged with letting contracts and supervising construction of a brick church building to stand on the corner of Warren & S. Ewing on "Catholic Hill."

"Memorandum, Helena, M.T., Aug 1874. At a meeting of the gentlemen of the congregation of the Roman Catholic Church of Helena, M. T. held on Sunday evening August 16, 1874 a Building Committee for a new Church edifice in this City was appointed consisting of the following persons: F. J. La Croix, Chairman, John Sweeny, Robt. C. Wallker, Robert DeLay. The above committee was appointed with authority to appoint another a (sic) person as Superintendent and who was to be another member of this building Committee. The Reverend Father Paladino (sic) was appointed Treasurer of the new Church building." p. 1
Another note found in Building Committee accounts is one that reads, "Helena, Aug 28 1879 To the Rev. Father And Gentlemen of the Catholic Church Building Committee. I submit to you these propositions for your consideration. I will draw Plans & specifications with Perspective ____all drawn to a working scale for $75.00 and if accepted 2½% on the rest of Building. Or I wil draw all Plans & Superintend until its completion for wages at $7.00 per day. If any of this meets with your approval, name the one as soon as convenient. I am very Respectfully, William J. Beale."
Because of the poor condition of the book, the pages have been housed in mylar sleeves and bound with a ring. The last loose pages in the book may have been notes kept by the secretary.

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Sacred Hearts Church Building Committee Minutes 1874-75Sacred Hearts Church Building Committee Minutes 1874-75
Sacred Heart Church Building Committee authorization 1874Sacred Heart Church Building Committee authorization 1874
Sacred Heart Church Building Committee-Architect bid 1874Sacred Heart Church Building Committee-Architect bid 1874