The Cathedral of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, 1866—1925 : The "Old" Cathedral
Ciborium from Bishohp Brondel days. Fr. Ed Courtney had acquired this while he was an assistant pastor at the Cathedral of St. Helena in1963. He rescued it when he understood it was to be discarded from the Cathedral. Fr. Ed said that it had been refinished, "but I understand that its historicity was not compromised."

The ciborium, finished in two tones, has rich baroque ornamentation with a goldplated cup. A grapevine motif circles the silver base with symbols of the cross, pierced heart and eye of God. The silver lid is capped with a cross.

Fr. Ed returned this to the diocese when he retired in June, 2007.
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Brondel Ciborium - Fr. Ed CourtneyBrondel Ciborium - Fr. Ed Courtney