The Cathedral of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, 1866—1925 : The "Old" Cathedral
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Catholic Calendar and Home Messenger Pp. 1—9 contained photos of Bp. Carroll, the new Cathedral [This is really a photo of the Votive Church in Vienna.], the Cathedral of the Sacred Hearts [the Old Cathedral], the New Catholic High School [St. Helena's School], St. Vincent's Academy, St. John's Hospital, St. Joseph's Orphans' Home, and a description of the New Cathedral of St. Helena.
pp. 10—18 contains bulletin announcements from the Cathedral of the Sacred Hearts which at that time serviced St. Helena's, St. Mary's and Sts. Cyril and Methodius churches, and St. Joseph's Orphan's Home.

The remaining pages include the parish financial statement for 31 Dec 1907, with a detailed accounting of individual donations.
the last pages are devoted to the liturgical calendar for 1908.

Advertising on most of the alternate pages provides a broad economic view of Helena in 1907.
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Sacred Hearts Cathedral Sacred Hearts Cathedral "Catholic Calendar and Home Messenger, 1908