The Cathedral of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, 1866—1925 : The "Old" Cathedral
II.19 The inscription on the photo reads, "And devout men took order for Stephans funeral, and made great mourning over him. "Acts of the Apostles CVIII—V—2." In memory of the solemn translation of the remains of St. Leo, martyr to the Cathedral of the Sacred Hearts, Helena, Montana, by the Bishop and Clergy of the Diocese of Helena on the Thirtieth day of August of the Holy year 1900. John B. Brondel, Bishop of Helena."
This wax effigy which contains a relic of St. Leo was acquired by Bishop Brondel on his visit to Rome. It is housed in a windowed casket measuring approximately 6 by 3 feet. Over the years this object moved to Stevensville, Montana. From there it was brought back to Helena in the early 21st Century and is currently kept in the lower level of the Cathedral of St. Helena.

The Fifth Station of the Cross. Gift of Frances & Ed Heagney, Bozeman. This station was purchased by Mrs. Heagney at a benefit auction at Holy Rosary School in Bozeman. She was led to believe it was from the Cathedral of the Sacred Hearts and had been stored in the closed church in Ringling, MT. If it was from the Old Cathedral, it was probably painted by Bro. Carignano, SJ, who also painted artifacts in St. Ignatius Church.

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St. Leo effigy - Sacred Hearts CathedralSt. Leo effigy - Sacred Hearts Cathedral
5th Station of the Cross, Cathedral of the Sacred Hears5th Station of the Cross, Cathedral of the Sacred Hears